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Love's Divine

Alexia Gardner & Offbeat Trio

Love's Divine


Performers Alexia Gardner (vocals)
Offbeat Trio
- Marcel Schefer (piano)
- Kalli Gerhards (Double Bass)
- Beat Fraefel-Haering (drums)

Composers Seal Mark Batson

Date of recording 19 June 2009
20 June 2009


Chasing Hope

Alexia Gardner, Offbeat Trio, Pius Baumgartner

Chasing Hope

Record Label Amiata Emozioni Records / ae 1050

Year of production 2009

1. Forbidden Fruit
2. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
4. Love For Sale
6. Fool On The Hill
7. Blue Moon
8. Chasing Hope
9. Everyday I Have The Blues
11. Alvaneu
12. Moon River
13. Railroad Track