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I Wanna Hear Swing Songs

American Jazz Orchestra

I Wanna Hear Swing Songs


Performers American Jazz Orchestra
John Eckert (trumpet)
Virgil Jones (trumpet)
Bob Millikan (trumpet)
Marvin Stamm (trumpet)
Byron Stripling (trumpet)
Eddie Bert (Trombone)
Jimmy Knepper (Trombone)
Benny Powell (Trombone)
Dennis Wilson (bass trombone)
Jerry Dodgion
Bill Easley (tenor sax)
Danny Bank
John Purcell
Loren Schoenberg
Howard Collins (guitar)
Dick Katz (celesta, piano)
John Goldsby (Double Bass)
Dennis Mackrel (drums)
John Lewis (piano)

Composers Sy Oliver Billy Moore

Date of recording 18 February 1991
19 February 1991


The Music Of Jimmie Lunceford

American Jazz Orchestra, John Eckert

The Music Of Jimmie Lunceford

Record Label Musicmasters Jazz Limelight / 820 846-2,65072-2

Year of production 1991

1. Lunceford special
2. What's your story, morning glory ?
3. Belgium stomp
4. I'm alone with you
5. Yard dog mazurka
6. Hi spook
7. For dancers only
8. Uptown Blues
9. Annie Laurie
10. Margie
12. Organ grinder's swing