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Let It Be

Leonardo Pedersen's Jazzkapel

Let It Be


Performers Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (tenor sax)
Leonardo Pedersen's Jazzkapel
- Hans Leonardo Pedersen (saxophones, saxophone)
- Jens-Erik Sørensen (saxophones, saxophone)
- Jens Christian Søndergaard (saxophones, saxophone)
- Holger Tvestman (trumpet)
- Mogens Eghjort (trumpet)
- Bjarne Thanning (Trombone)
- John Larsen (Trombone)
- Per Tvaergaard (piano)
- Carsten Eriksen (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
- Ib Lund Nielsen (Double Bass)
- Egon Duelund (Drums, drums)

Composers Charles Carpenter Henri Woode Carpenter

Date of recording 29 February 1976
29 February 1977


Mr. C. S.

Harry "Sweets" Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Richard Boone

Mr. C. S.

Record Label Storyville / 102 5536

Year of production 2000

1. Mr. C. S.
3. Body and soul
4. Quince
5. Lady Be Good
6. Georgia on my mind
7. Body and soul
8. Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby?
9. Did you see her tonight
10. Sister Sadie
11. Doodlin'
12. Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?)
13. Tickle toe
14. Did you see her tonight
15. One o'clock jump