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It's only a paper moon

Coleman Hawkins & His Rhythm

It's only a paper moon


Performers Coleman Hawkins and His Rhythm
Coleman Hawkins (tenor sax)
Hubert Fol (alto sax)
Nat Peck (Trombone)
Jean-Paul Mengeon (piano)
Pierre Michelot (Double Bass)
Kenny Clarke (drums)

Composers Harold Arlen Billy Rose E. Y. Harburg

Date of recording 21 December 1949


The Vogue Recordings

Coleman Hawkins and His Rhythm, Johnny Hodges Orchestra

The Vogue Recordings

Record Label Vogue / 74321115112

Year of production 1992

2. Sih-sah
3. Bean's talking again
4. Bah-uh-bah
5. I surrender dear
7. Jump, that's all
8. Last legs blues - part 1
9. Last legs blues - part 2
10. Nix it, mix it
11. Time on my hands
12. Run about
13. Wishing and waiting
14. Get that geet
15. That's grand
16. Skip it
17. Perdido
18. In the shade of the old apple tree
19. Mood indigo
20. Sweet Lorraine
21. Bean bag boogie
22. Hop, skip and jump