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When my sugar walks down the street

Oscar Peterson

When my sugar walks down the street


Performers Oscar Peterson (vocals)
Studio Big Band
John Frosk (trumpet)
Joe Newman (trumpet)
Ernie Royal (trumpet)
Danny Stiles (trumpet)
Wayne Andre (Trombone)
Jimmy Cleveland (Trombone)
J. J. Johnson (Trombone)
Tony Studd (bass trombone)
Seldon Powell (flute)
Jerome Richardson (flute)
Jerry Dodgion (alto sax)
Phil Woods (alto sax)
Marvin Halladay (baritone sax)
Hank Jones (piano)
Barry Galbraith (electric guitar)
Richard Davis (Double Bass)
Mel Lewis (drums)
Manny Albam

Composers Jimmy McHugh Gene Austin Irving Mills Manny Albam

Date of recording 13 November 1965


With Respect To Nat

Oscar Peterson, Oscar Peterson Trio

With Respect To Nat

Record Label Limelight Verve / 557 486-2

Year of production 1998

2. It's only a paper moon
3. Walkin' my baby back home
4. Sweet Lorraine
5. Unforgettable
8. Orange colored sky
10. Calypso blues
11. What can I say after I say I'm sorry?
12. Easy listening Blues