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That's Enough

John Scofield & John Cleary

That's Enough


Performers Jon Cleary (keyboard, vocals)
John Boutté (vocals)
John Scofield (electric guitar)
George Porter Jr. (Elektrischer Bass)
Ricky Fataar (drums)
Shannon Powell (tambourine)
Hard Regulators

Composers Dorothy Love Coates John Scofield

Date of recording at about 2008


Piety Street

Jon Cleary

Piety Street

Record Label EmArcy / 0602517911369

Year of production 2009

2. Motherless child
5. Something's got a hold on me
7. Ninety nine and a half
8. Just a little while to stay here
9. Never turn back
10. Walk with me
11. But I like the message
12. The angel of death
13. I'll fly away