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I Hear The Music Now

Rebecca Kilgore & Dave Frishberg

I Hear The Music Now


Performers Rebecca Kilgore (vocals)
Dave Frishberg (piano)

Composers Jerry Seelen Ambroise Thomas Sammy Fain

Date of recording 27 February 1997 (live)


The Starlit Hour

Rebecca Kilgore, Dave Frishberg

The Starlit Hour

Record Label Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19255

Year of production 2001

1. I Hear Music
3. Memphis In June
4. Ten Cents A Dance
5. Cry Me A River
7. Everything Happens To Me
8. How Long, How Long Blues / Song Of The Wanderer
9. Evenin'
10. Glad To Be Unhappy
11. Got A Date With An Angel
12. Not Mine
13. You Smell So Good
14. Voce e eu
15. The Starlite Hour
16. Song Of The Islands
17. Thief In The Night
19. Thanks For The Memory