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Mister Prez

Buddy Tate & The Celebrity Club Orchestra

Mister Prez


Performers Buddy Tate (tenor sax)
Celebrity Club Orchestra
- Wilbur "Dud" Bascomb Sr. (trumpet)
- Dicky Wells (Trombone)
- Skip Hall (organ)
- John B. Williams (Double Bass)
- Billy Stewart (drums)

Composers Dicky Wells

Date of recording 27 November 1968


The Definitive Black And Blue Sessions

Buddy Tate, Celebrity Club Orchestra

The Definitive Black And Blue Sessions

Record Label Black & Blue Sarl / BB 939.2

Year of production 2001

1. She's Got It
3. Joking
4. Paris Night
5. The Mooche
6. B And D
8. She's Got It (Take 1)
9. Mister Prez (Take 1)
10. Paris Night (Take 1 )