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born on 24/5/1937 in Zürich, ZH, Switzerland

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Charly Antolini

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Charly Antolini (born 24 May 1937) is a Swiss jazz drummer.[1]


Born in Zürich, Antolini started playing the traditional Swiss Basler drum and in 1956 went to Paris where he played with Sidney Bechet, Bill Coleman among others, and playing in the Oldtime Jazz Band "The Tremble Kids" with trumpeter Oscar Klein and clarinettist Werner Keller. In 1962 he went to live in Stuttgart, Germany, where he spent five years playing with bassist Peter Witte and pianist Horst Jankowski in the SWR Bigband led by Erwin Lehn. With bassist Peter Witte, between 1965 and 1967, he recorded five albums for the Romanian pianist Eugen Cicero, a new talent who translated classical music into jazz (Lizt, Chopin, Tschaikowsky). He also played in big bands with Kurt Edelhagen, Peter Herbolzheimer and Max Greger in the NDR Bigband.

In 1976 he set up his own band, "Charly Antolini's Jazz Power", originally featuring Steve Hooks (tenor sax); Andrei Lobanov (trumpet); David Gazarov (keyboards) and Rocky Knauer (bass), although later members were Len Skeat and Brian Lemon. In the 1980s he toured Germany, Italy and Denmark with Benny Goodman,[2] as well as with Lionel Hampton, Barbara Dennerlein, Albert Mangelsdorff, Earl Hines, Roy Eldridge, Jimmy Giuffre, Art Farmer, Oliver Nelson, Art Van Damme, Stuff Smith, Baden Powell among others.

In the late 1980s-early 1990s he recorded four albums with British tenor saxophonist Dick Morrissey, three of which were live, and in 1994 he set up the band Super Trio with pianist Dirk Raufeisen and bassist Jimmy Woode.

At the end of 2004, with Herman Rarebell and Pete York, Antolini formed a three-drummer project called Drum Legends, and released a live CD and DVD.


  • Drum Beat (1966) - with Joki Freund, Conny Jackel, Dieter Reith, Peter Witte, Bernd Fischer, Johnny Feigl, Gerhard Lachmann. - BASF MPS CRM 620
  • From Sticksland with Love (1967) – with Daniel Humair, Pierre Favre, Mani Neumeier, Alfred Sacher, Franco Ambrosetti, Jimmy Woode, Nathan Davis, George Gruntz - BASF CRM 641
  • Soul Beat (1968) - with Shake Keane, Wilton Gaynair, Jiggs Whigham, Karlheinz Kästel, Francis Coppieters, Werner Dies, Jean Warland. - BASF MPS CRM 677
  • In the Groove (1972) - with Ack van Rooyen, Dusko Goykovich, Sigi Schwab, Jean Warland - BASF MPS 21 21333-1
  • Atomic Drums (1972) - with Harry Winkler, Michia Goltz, Milan Pilar, Max Greger jr, Eric Thöner, Karl Barteimes, Fritz Gläser, Walter Rab, Hans Wolf, Egon Haag, Horst Gmeinwieser. EMI
  • Live (1978) - with Ack van Rooyen, Lee Harper, Bob Burges, Sal Nistico, Bertil Strandberg, Hermann Breuer, Rob Franken, Gary Todd - Pläne Jazz G 0040
  • Special Delivery (1980) with Wolfgang Scmid-Grandy, Dieter Reith, Jessy Tanksley, Gary Todd, Andy Witte, Klaus Osterloh, Lee Harper, Herman Breuer, Heinz Herman, Bobby Stern. MPS 0068.256
  • Knock Out (1979) - with Wolfgang Schmid, Nippy Noya - Jeton Direct-To-Disc
  • Countdown (1980) - with Wolfgang Schmid, Nippy Noya, Andreas Witte, Andreas Gramm, Alfred Sacher. JETON.117 / 1 CD.
  • Crash (1981) - with Andreas Witte, Wolfgang Schmid, Freddy Santiago, Guillermo Marchena - Jeton Direct-To-Disc
  • Menue (1982) - with Wolfgang Schmid, Nippy Noya, Geoff Stradling
  • Bob Dance (1982) - With Andy Scherrer, Rudi Wilfer, Aladar Pege. BELL BLR 84 043.
  • Finale (1983) - with Wolfgang Schmid, Trilok Gurtu, Leszek Zadlo
  • Caravan (1985) - with Max Neissndorfer, Jeff Wohlgenannt, Roman Schwaller. BELL BLR 84 044
  • WOW (1987) - With Max Neissendorfer, Jeff Wohlgenannt, Steve Gut, Klaus Reichstaller, Rick Keller, Uli Gutscher. - VERVE 833 796-2
  • Antolini & Danny Moss: The Drivers (1988) - Skinfire Records (LeiCom).
  • A Swinging Affair (1989) - Ariola 210 206 with Danny Moss, Brian Lemon, Len Skeat. BMG ARIOLA.
  • Cookin’ (1990) - with Dick Morrissey, Brian Lemon, Len Skeat. BELLAPHON CDLR 45024.
  • Charly Antolini Meets Dick Morrissey (1990) with Brian Lemon, Len Skeat. BELL BLR 84 045 - CD.
  • Charly Antolini Jazz power Recorded at the BBC-Studio London (1991) with Dick Morrissey, Gerard Presencer, Len Skeat, Brian Lemon. - BELL BLR 84 042 - CD.
  • Charly Antolini & Charly Augshöll - On the Beat (1993) with Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Fritz Pauer. JETON JET 60 028 - CD.
  • Right-On (1995) - with Dick Morrissey, Brian Dee, Lean skeat. BELL BLR 84 058 - CD.
  • Super Knock Out (1996) (Double Version) With Wolfgang Schmid-Grandy, Nippy Noya. BELL - CD.
  • The Jubilee (1996) - Skinfire Records (LeiCom) Various Artists.
  • Live in Concert (1997) - Skinfire Records (LeiCom) with - Jiggs Whigham, Heinz Von Herman, David Gazarov, Günther Lenz. SKINFIRE CD-C-01003 - CD.
  • Super Knock Out (1998) (Double Version) with Wolfgang Schmid-Grandy, Nippy Noya. JETON.
  • Love to Play - (1999) Skinfire Records (LeiCom) with David Gazarov, Rocky Knauer, Charly Augschöll, Martin Schrack, Karsten Gnettner, Sebastian Studnitzki. CD-A 99002. CD.
  • Knock Out 2000 (2000) - with Wolfgang Schmid-Grandy and Nippy Noya. INAK 9053 CD.
  • Loose and Easy (2001) - Skinfire Records (LeiCom) with Steve Hooks, Andrei Lobanov, Marko Djordjevic, Rocky Knauer, Sava Median, David Gazarov. CD-C-01003 - CD.
  • The 65th Birthday Concert - Live at Europapark Rust 2002 - (2003) Inakustik DVD-Video with Andrej Lebanov, David Gazarov, Rocky Knauer, Steve Hooks. DVD.
  • Power Drummer - (2007) - CD.


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