Alex Geringas

born on 2/3/1971 in Moskau, Zentralrussland, Russian Federation

Alexander Geringas

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Alexander Geringas

Alexander Geringas (born March 2, 1971 in Moscow) is a music producer, songwriter, composer and lyricist based in Hamburg, Germany.


Early life

Alex Geringas was born in Moscow in 1971. His parents pianist Tatiana and cellist David Geringas left the Soviet Union in 1975. The family first moved to New York, then to Italy and after a short stay in Berlin settled in Hamburg.

After high school, Alex studied acting at the Otto-Falkenberg-School in Munich before graduating from the Hamburg School for Music and Theater.


Alex started his career as an actor in theater, film and television, and also began performing, writing, composing, producing musical theater. He started to become interested in German language rap, becoming a pop music producer and promoting the careers of artists. He owns and runs Lexland Studios.


After graduating drama school, Alex worked in stage productions at the Theater Lübeck and joined the ensemble cast of the Volktheater Rostock.Later he worked at Thalia Theater, Hamburg and Deutsches Schauspielhaus

He formed a comedy act called the "Peter Alexander Show" with fellow actor Peter Jordan. The Hamburger Kammerspiele produced his musical "The Red Corsar" (1996) followed up with three other productions "The Secret of the Red Hand" (1998), "The Red Kings Game" (2000) and "The Red String" (2002), co-written with Marc Letzig. During this period he continued to perform with his comedy act and in many stage plays and events, both musical as well as dramatical in many venues including the Thalia Theater, the Ernst Deutsch Theater and the national festival at the Ruhrfestpiele and wrote the music for a number of stage productions, films and television.

The Hamburger Kammerspiele continued to produce his productions of "Grandios Loosers" and it's follow-up "Grandios Christmas" both of which he also directed and co-wrote with Peter Jordan. As an actor, Alex also appeared in numerous films and television series, most notably in the Costa Gavras film "Amen." alongside Ulrich Tukur (Solaris) and Ulrich Mühe (The Lives of Others).

Film & TV

His pop songs were not only used in TV episodicals, but he also began to write scores - e.g. for the Crime Series "Doppelter Einsatz" (RTL), the TV Movie "Wilde Jungs" (PRO 7) and the Comedyseries "Adelheid und ihre Mörder" (ARD).For Studio Hamburg Synchron Gmbh he wrote the lyrics and produced the music for a number of Children's animation Adaptions for German TV including the Songs from Disney's TV Movie "Nine Dogs Save Christmas", "Thomas and his Friends" (Titlesong and Special Songs),"Postman Pat"(Titlesong and Special Songs), "Cloe´s Closet"(Titlesong and 52 Episodes) and wrote the music for the American Short film "Leaf Chief" and, among many others, the title songs for "KIKA" ("Glaub an Dich") and the German "Big Brother" ("Leb"). Since 2006 Alex' Song "Nie Genug" by Christina Stürmer is the Title Song of the successful RTL Television Soap "Alles was zählt".

Alex Geringas wrote and produced the complete music for the prime time show "History!-Das Quiz!" (ZDF) and the music for "Die Sternstunden der Deutschen" ("Mile Stones in German History') a highly ambitious prime time documentary project (ZDF) in five parts of 45 Minute each.

In February 2010 he finished Orchestra Recordings in Prague for his Original Score for the Movie "Hanni und Nanni" (UFA CINEMA,Premiere : 17.6.2010 in GSA). The Score also features 8 Songs he has co-written and produced and which are performed by The Veronicas,Queensberry,Shiloh,Kate Hall and Lucy Diakovska (ex-No Angels).

Recently he arranged and produced the Intro-Medley of the 20th ECHO AWARDS 2011 (German Grammys) for ARD TV.Several German Superstars like Peter Maffay,Cassandra Steen,Stefanie Heinzmann,HP Baxxter of Scooter and Host Ina Müller were performing some of the biggest Hits of the last 20 years.

Music and Lyrics

Alex wrote a number of German language rap songs and his collaboration with the act "Die Dritte Generation" resulted in a number one hit, two top ten songs and several golden records Alex became a writer for the "popstars"- winner girl Act "No Angels" and then for others including "Bro'Sis", later Queensberry, Monrose and Christina Stürmer just to name a few.

Alex Geringas success has now also gone international. His song "I Don't Wanna Leave" was Poland's Grand Prix Song and Kumi Koda´s "Bling Bling Bling" recently became No. 1 in Japan. And in the USA his song "Unforgiven" was released by the new boy band "WOW" (Disney) and in 2010 4 Songs are cut with RnB singer Christelle again reaching No. 1 in the US RnB charts. Recently The Veronicas recorded two Songs he did and he´s responsible for Kim Wilde´s New Single "Real Life" and Sarah Connor´s single "Real Love".His Song "TOMO" by Yamashita Tomohisa was No.1 in Japan Feb 2011.


His involvement includes the acts The Veronicas, No Angels, Kim Wilde, Sarah Connor, Giovanni Zarrella, Queensberry, Tommy Reeve, Kumi Koda, Monrose, Emilia, Christina Stürmer, BroSis, Yvonne Catterfeld, Destivo, Shiloh, Patrick Nuo, Alexander Klaws, Die 3.Generation, Joana Zimmer, Lou Bega, Limahl, Maya Saban, Simon!, Vicky Leandros, Howard Carpendale, Banaroo, Yoomii, Code Red, SeSide, Geraldine Olivier.

Writing partners

His writing partners during the last years include :

USA (choice) : Dimitri Ehrlich, busbee, Amy Powers, Shelly Peiken, Tommy Lee James, Greg Becker, Chris Wallin, Marty Dodson, Katt Rockell, Kaci Brown, Steven Dale Jones, Bart Allmand, Erik Griggs, Charlie Midnight, Michelle Lewis, Jud Friedman, Allan Rich, Peter Rafelson, Andy Marvel, Orange Factory (Jeremy Skaller, Bobby Bass), Jared Cotter (American Idol), Winston Sela, Charlie Mason, L.P., Gen Rubin, Maria Christensen, Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys), Curtis Richardson, Jeff Franzel, Alex Forbes, Wendy Waldman, Alan Glass, Big Drawz, Ken Lewis, Terri Bjerre, Andy Simon

Japan : DAICHI, Army Slick, TJ Mixx, her0ism

Canada : Shiloh, Justin Forsley, Tebey Ottoh, Steven Lee Olsen, Rupert Gayle

Australia : Adrian Newman, Amba Shepherd, Don Walker, YinYang Productions (Alfred Tuohey & Thanh Bui)

UK & Sweden (choice): Ben Cullum, Victoria Hansen, Erik Nyholm, Kit Hain, Andrew Roachford, Eric Palmqwist, Steven Foster, Bob Patmore, Peter-John Vettese, Charlie Dore, David Brant, Elias Kapari, Mans Ek, Francis Jernberg, DWB, Neil Athale, Dee Adam, Jasmine Baird

Germany (choice) : My Studiopartner Bernd Klimpel, Thorsten Brötzmann, Joachim Schlüter, Ivo Moring, Elephant Music, Sebastian Kirchner, Beatzarre, Rike Boomgaarden, Jan-Philipp Kelber, Buelent Aris, Jörg Sander, Chris Buseck, Leo Chantzaras, Giovanni Zarrella, Mozart & Friends, Tommy Reeve, Karin Hylander, Maya Singh, Goofiesmackerz, Flashgordon etc...

Top 1 Hits

No.1 Record in Japan Superbad, Supergood Yamashita Tomohisa
No.1 Record in Japan Trick Kumi Koda
No.1 Record in Germany Lebe Lauter Christina Stürmer
No.1 Record in Germany Elle´Ments No Angels
No.1 Record in Germany Never Forget Bro´Sis
No.1 Record in Germany Now...Us No Angels
No.1 Record in Germany Something about Us No Angels
No.1 Record in Germany Pure No Angels
No.1 Record in Germany Leb´ Die 3.Generation
No.1 Record in Austria The best of me Cornelia Mooshammer
No.1 Record in Austria Nie genug Christina Stürmer
No.1 Record in United States Dark Side" Kelly Clarkson (#1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart)

Top Ten Hits

No.2 Record in Germany Do they know... TV Allstars
No.5 Record in Germany Volume One - Queensberry
No.5 Record in Germany Ich will daß du mich liebst - Die 3.Generation
No.5 Record in Germany When the Angels Swing No Angels
No.7 Record in Germany Vater, wo bist du - Die 3.Generation
No.9 Record in Germany Wundervoll - Giovanni
No.9 Record in Germany Reason - No Angels

Platinum and Golden Records

2009 Kumi Koda Trick LP PLATINUM
2008 Queensberry Volume One LP GOLD
2008 Wundervoll - Giovanni Maxi GOLD
2007 2 sexy 4 u Code Red LP GOLD + DOUBLE PLATINUM
2006 Here we are - Yoomiii LP GOLD
2006 Nie Genug - Christina Stürmer Maxi GOLD
2004 Do they know it's Christmas - TV Allstars Maxi GOLD
2003 Reason - No Angels Maxi GOLD
2003 The best of No Angels (CD + DVD) LP GOLD
2003 Pure No Angels LP PLATINUM
2003 Danke, Ti amo Howard Carpendale LP GOLD
2002 Something about us No Angels Maxi GOLD
2002 When the Angels swing No Angels LP GOLD
2001 Elle´ments No Angels (Popstars-Winner) LP TRIPLE PLATINUM
2001 Never forget Bro´Sis (Popstars 2-Winner) LP DOUBLE PLATINUM
1998 Vater, wo bist du Die 3.Generation Maxi GOLD

Echo Awards

2003 Best Song - No Angels "Something about us"
1998 Best Newcomer - Die 3.Generation

Discography (extract)

2011 Yamashita Tomohisa - Superbad, Supergood LP
2011 Ich+Ich - Was wär ich ohne dich Maxi
2010 Sarah Connor - Real Love Maxi
2010 Sarah Connor - Real Love LP
2010 Kim Wilde - Come out and play LP
2010 Kim Wilde - Real Life Maxi
2010 Hanni & Nanni O.S.T. LP
2010 The Black Sheep - Here with you Maxi
2010 Monrose - Ladylike LP
2010 Destivo - Grazie LP
2010 Fady Maalouf - Into the Light (Fady Maalouf song)|Into the Light
2010 Giovanni - Ancora Musica LP
2010 Giovanni feat. Ross I can't dance alone Maxi
2009 Lidia Kopania I do not wanna leave Maxi
2009 Kumi Koda Trick LP
2008 Queensberry Volume One LP
2008 Musica - Giovanni LP
2008 Wundervoll - Giovanni Maxi
2008 Alles aus Liebe Geraldine Olivier LP
2008 Mare Mare - Destivo LP
2007 Dr. Amore - Destivo Maxi
2007 I will not let you down - Mina LP
2006 Welt Alexander Klaws Maxi
2006 Was willst du noch _ Alexander Klaws LP
2006 2 sexy 4 u Code Red LP
2006 Nuo Patrick Nuo LP
2006 Senor Pomedor (Hot, Hot, Hot) - Code Red Maxi
2006 I'll fly away - Banaroo Maxi
2006 A Kiss is all I miss - Yoomiii Maxi
2006 Here we are - Yoomiii LP
2006 Gone - Sandy Maxi
2006 Nie Genug - Christina Stürmer Maxi
2006 Tell me Why - Limahl Maxi
2006 Auf dich und mich - André Stade LP
2006 Attention - Alex Klaws ("German Idol"-Winner) LP
2005 Don´ break my heart - Vicky Leandros Maxi
2005 Mama Lilla Would - Vanessa Petruo LP
2005 Ich bin wie ich bin - Vicky Leandros LP
2005 Shut up and Dance ! - D!Nation LP
2005 Maya Saban - Mit jedem Ton LP
2005 Big Brother Sommerfete 2005 LP
2005 Ich bin's, dein Prinz - Andreas Zaron LP
2005 Ich würd's immer wieder tun - Franzi (BB5-Zweite) Maxi
2005 Geiles Jahr - Sascha S. (Big Brother 5-Winner) Maxi
2005 Gevatter Tod, Teil 1+ 2 (u.v.a. Peer Augustinski) D-LP
2004 Hope Florence Joy LP
2004 Acoustic Angels No Angels LP
2004 Sonne über Deutschland Andreas Zaron Maxi
2004 Drama Queen - Vany Maxi
2004 Runde 5 Die 3.Generation LP
2004 Claudia Christina - Traumprinzen LP
2004 Claudia Christina - Der Weg den ich geh Maxi
2004 Araba 2004 Mustafa Sandal Maxi
2004 Was ist Glück ? Die 3.Generation Maxi
2004 1 Become One (Fame Academy-Winner) LP
2003 The Christmas Album TV Allstars LP
2003 Do they know it's Christmas - TV Allstars Maxi
2003 Reason - No Angels Maxi
2003 The best of No Angels (CD + DVD) LP
2003 Pure No Angels LP
2003 Danke, Ti amo Howard Carpendale LP
2003 I wanna be your man Sebastian Deyle Maxi
2003 Was passiert ? Die 3.Generation Maxi
2003 So´n kleiner Schimmer Andreas Zaron Maxi
2003 Elene - Wolfi Maxi
2002 No Angels LP
2002 Something about us No Angels Maxi
2002 When the Angels swing No Angels LP
2002 Glücksbringer Andreas Zaron LP
2002 Ich glaub´ im Himmel... Andreas Zaron Maxi
2002 Andyko - Andyko LP
2001 Elle´ments No Angels (Popstars-Winner) LP
2001 Never forget Bro´Sis (Popstars 2-Winner) LP
2001 Drei kleine Worte Die 3.Generation Maxi
2001 Der Sonne entgegen Die 3.Generation Maxi
2001 Glaub nicht alles Die 3.Generation Maxi
2001 KIKA Songs Div. Interpreten LP
2001 Alles was du willst Die 3.Generation LP
2001 My Day Sebastian Deyle Maxi
2000 Das ist Welt Die 3.Generation Maxi
2000 Ich will daß du mich liebst Die 3.Generation Maxi
2000 Die dritte Die 3.Generation LP
1999 Leb Die 3.Generation (Big Brother) Maxi
1999 Für morgen Die 3.Generation LP
1999 Ricky - Ricky LP
1998 Vater, wo bist du Die 3.Generation Maxi
1998 Halt's Maul Die 3.Generation Maxi
1998 Die 3.Generation Die 3.Generation LP
1998 Lust auf mehr Howard Carpendale LP
1998 Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis - MäGäDäm LP
1996 Ali Baba und die 4-zig Räuber LP
1996 Urlaub Die Musterknaben Maxi
1994 The Devil Inside Terry B.feat Jazzy Al Maxi


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