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born on 3/10/1967 in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark

Carsten Dahl

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Carsten Dahl

Carsten Dahl (October 3, 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish Jazz pianist, married to the tenor saxophonist Christina Dahl (b. Nielsen in May 20, 1967). "Dahl is a truly great pianist" Chris Mosey said, in his All About Jazz review of Dahl's CD In Our Own Sweet Way released in 2009 with Alex Riel and Mads Vinding.[1]


Dahl, nine years old, started to play drums. He studied at the Copenhagen Jazz Conservatory for two years before he turned his eyes on piano in which he never had any previous training. He wanted to be a Jazz musician who could play Bebop. His role models, at the time, were two of Jazz greats, namely Bud Powell and Wynton Kelly while he also had an interest in Classical music. Dahl ones said:

"For me, it is only the music that is interesting. And Bach's music has it all at once. That fascinates me. Plus, the fact that it doesn't do any harm to play his music, nevertheless you become a better pianist."

As a leader, he played and recorded with his own Carsten Dahl trio and Carsten Dahl Experience. He is also one of the most sought-after Jazz pianists as a sideman who worked/recorded with Ed Thigpen, Lars Danielsson, Arild Andersen, Ulf Wakenius, Bent Jædig, Miroslav Vitous, John Tchicai, Marc Ducret, Ray Anderson and Randy Brecker, Joe Lovano, Hugo Rasmussen and Bob Rockwell were among others.

Dahl won Ben Webster Prize in 1997.[2] The Ben Webster Prize is an annual Jazz Award set up by the Ben Webster Foundation to honour Danish and American Jazz musicians as well as other professionals active in the promotion of Jazz in those countries.[3] Dahl signed up with the music publishing house Edition Wilhelm Hansen in 2008.[4]

Selected discography

Solo albums

Solo piano
  • 2002: The Butterfly Dream (Storyville)
  • 2003: Solo Piano (Stunt), Grammy Winner (3 CD)
  • 2005: Copenhagen-Aarhus- Carsten Dahl solo (Universal Music)
  • 2010: Effata (Storyville)
  • 2012: Dreamchild (Storyville)
Witin Carsten Dahl Trio

Trio including Jesper Lundgaard & Alex Riel

  • 1993/2008: Minor Meeting (Storyville)

Trio including Lennart Ginman (bass) & Frands Rifbjerg (drums)

  • 1998: Will You Make My Soup Hot And Silver (Storyville)
  • 1999: Message From Bud (Storyville)
  • 2004: Blue Train (Stunt)
  • 2006: God Bless The Child (Stunt), feat. Bob Rockwell
  • 2007: Bebopish Rubbish Rabbit (Stunt)
Within Carsten Dahl Experience, quartet including Jesper Zeuthen, Nils Davidsen & Stefan Pasborg
  • 2009: Humilitas (Storyville)
  • 2011: Metamorphosis (Storyville)
Duo with Allan Vegenfeldt
  • 2000: Charlie Butterfly (Storyville)
Duo with soprano saxophonist Christina Dahl (b. Nielsen)
  • 2000: Lys På Himlen (Dacapo)
  • 2006: Det gyldne landskab (Stunt)
Trio including Arild Andersen & Patrice Heral
  • 2002: The Sign (Stunt)
  • 2003: Moon Water (Stunt)
Trio including Lennart Ginman & Thomas Blachman
  • 2003: The Library Bar Concerts (Verve)
  • 2004: GinmanBlachmanDahl! (Verve), live at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse
Trio including Arild Andersen & Jon Christensen
  • 2006: Short Fairytales (EmArcy)
  • 2012: Space Is the Place (Storyville)
  • 2013: Under the Rainbow (Storyville)
Trio including Ed Thigpen & Jesper Bodilsen
  • 2006: Tribute to Night Train (Ploug Partnership)
Trio including Mads Vinding & Alex Riel
  • 2009: In Your Own Sweet Way (Storyville)
With Ensemble MidtVest
  • 2011: Synesthesia & Metropolis (Exlibris)
  • 2013: Soliloquy (Storyville)
With other projects


  • 2006: Jazz-oratorium - I Den Lille By (Exlibris), with Klaus Rifbjerg feat. Carsten Dahls Quintet
  • 2006: The Element Of Swing (Stunt), with Ed Thigpen Rhythm feat. Joe Lovano, Carsten Dahl & Jesper Bodilsen
  • 2008: The Poetic Principle (Cowbell Music), quintet including Benjamin Koppel, Miroslav Vitous, Anders Koppel & Stefan Pasborg
  • 2012: I Think It's Going To Rain (Stunt), Hanne Boel feat. Carsten Dahl


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