One O'Clock Jump

Count Basie Orchestra

One O'Clock Jump


Interpreten Count Basie and His Orchestra
Count Basie (piano)
Buck Clayton (trumpet)
Ed Lewis (trumpet)
Bobby Moore (trumpet)
George Hunt (Trombone)
Dan Minor (Trombone)
Earl Warren (alto sax)
Jack Washington (baritone sax, alto sax)
Herschel Evans (tenor sax, clarinet)
Lester Young (tenor sax, clarinet)
Freddie Green (guitar)
Walter Page (Double Bass)
Joe Jones (drums)

Urheber Count Basie Jimmy Mundy Buster Smith

Aufnahmedatum 7. Juli 1937


The Chronological 1936 -1938

Jones-Smith Incorporated, Jimmy Rushing, Count Basie and His Orchestra

The Chronological 1936 -1938

Label Classics Records / 503

Produktionsjahr 1990

1. Shoe shine boy
2. Evenin'
3. Boogie woogie
4. Oh, lady be good
5. Honeysuckle rose
6. Pennies from heaven
7. Swingin' at the Daisy Chain
8. Roseland shuffle
9. Exactly like you
10. Boo-hoo
11. The glory of love
12. Boogie woogie (I may be wrong)
13. Smarty (you know it all)
15. Listen my children, and you shall hear
16. John's idea
17. Good morning blues
18. Our love was meant to be
19. Time out
20. Topsy
21. I keep remembering
22. Out the window
23. Don't you miss your baby?
24. Let me dream
25. Georgiana