Singing the Blues

Connie's Inn Orchestra

Singing the Blues


Interpreten Connie's Inn Orchestra
Russell Smith (trumpet)
Rex Stewart (trumpet)
Bobby Stark (trumpet)
Benny Morton (Trombone)
Claude Jones (Trombone)
Russell Procope (clarinet, alto sax)
Harvey Boone (alto sax)
Coleman Hawkins (tenor sax, bass sax, clarinet)
Clarence Holiday (banjo, guitar)
John Kirby (tuba)
Walter Johnson (drums)
Fletcher Henderson (piano)

Urheber Sam Lewis Joe Young Conrad J. Russel Robinson Bill Challis

Aufnahmedatum 10. April 1931


Swing 1929 to 1937

Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra, Connie's Inn Orchestra, Katherine Handy

Swing 1929 to 1937

Label BBC / BBC CD 682

Produktionsjahr 1988

1. Shanghai Shuffle   
2. Wang wang Blues   
3. Chinatown, my Chinatown   
4. Clarinet marmalade   
5. Sugarfoot stomp   
6. Just Blues   
8. New king porter stomp   
9. Underneath the Harlem moon   
11. Happy as the day is long   
12. Wild party   
13. Hotter than 'ell (= hell)   
14. Jangled nerves   
15. Let 'er go   
16. Wrappin' (= wrapping) it up