Come Dance with Me

Diana Krall & Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

Come Dance with Me


Interpreten Diana Krall (vocals)
Gerald Clayton (piano)
Gilbert Castellanos (trumpet)
Terell Stafford (trumpet)
Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
John Clayton

Urheber Jimmy van Heusen Sammy Cahn John Clayton

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2006
September 2006


From This Moment On

Diana Krall, Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

From This Moment On

Label Verve / 0602517050426

Produktionsjahr 2006

1. It Could Happen to You   
3. How Insensitive   
6. I Was Doing Alright   
7. Little Girl Blue   
8. Day in Day Out   
9. Willow Weep for Me   
11. It Was a Beautiful Day in August/You Can Depend on Me   
12. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams