Yes Sir, That's My Baby

John Pizzarelli And The Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra

Yes Sir, That's My Baby


Interpreten John Pizzarelli (vocals, electric guitar)
Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
John Clayton (bass)

Urheber Gus Kahn Walter Donaldson John Clayton

Aufnahmedatum 29. Juni 2005 - 30. Juni 2005


Dear Mr. Sinatra

John Pizzarelli

Dear Mr. Sinatra

Label Telarc / CD-83638

Produktionsjahr 2006

2. You make me feel so young
3. How about you ?
4. If I had you
5. Witchcraft
6. I've got you under my skin
7. Nice 'n' easy
8. 1. I see your face before me 2. In the wee small hours
9. Can't we be friends?
11. Last dance