The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Sonny Stitt & Bennie Green

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes


Interpreten Sonny Stitt (tenor sax)
Bennie Green (Trombone)
Bobby Buster (organ)
Joe Diorio (guitar)
Dorel Anderson (drums)

Urheber Mizzy Taylor

Aufnahmedatum 10. März 1964 - 11. März 1964


Stitt Goes Green

Sonny Stitt, Bennie Green, Bunky Green

Stitt Goes Green

Label Gambit Records / 69212

Produktionsjahr 2005

1. Flame and Frost
2. Let's Play Chess
3. Double Dip
5. My Main Man
7. Broilin'
8. Soul in the Night
10. Hot Line
11. Home Stretch
12. The Spies
13. One Alone
14. Sneakin' Up on You