In The Court Of The King

Steppin Stompers

In The Court Of The King


Interpreten Steppin Stompers Dixieland Band
- Hanspeter "Hansi" Rudin (clarinet)
- Louis Bürgi (Trombone)
- André "Bob" Hägler (trumpet)
- Andreas "Andy" Spinnler (banjo)
- Christian "Chrigel" Grieder (Double Bass)
- Werner Thommen (drums)
Mr. Blue Rivers (vocals)
René Hemmig (guitar)

Urheber Traditional

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2005


Just Sitting And Rocking

Steppin Stompers Dixieland Band

Just Sitting And Rocking

Label Wildstone Records / WR.0109

Produktionsjahr 2005

1. Just Sitting And Rocking
2. South
3. Lord, Lord, Lord
4. Carelless Love
6. Beale Street Blues
7. Us-Railways
8. Take This Chains
9. Marina
10. Making Whoopee
11. Fish Seller
12. Lady Be Good
13. Blues For Yesterday