The Perfect Blues

Ray Brown Trio & Nancy King & Antonio Hart

The Perfect Blues


Interpreten Nancy King (vocals)
Antonio Hart (alto sax)
Ray Brown Trio
Ray Brown (Double Bass)
Geoff Keezer (piano)
Gregory Hutchinson (drums)

Urheber Ray Brown

Aufnahmedatum 15. Dezember 1997 - 17. Dezember 1997


Some Of My Best Friends Are... Singers

Diana Krall, Etta Jones, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nancy King, Marlena Shaw, Kevin Mahogany

Some Of My Best Friends Are... Singers

Label Telarc / CD-83441

Produktionsjahr 1998

1. I thought about you
2. Poor butterfly
3. More than you know
5. But beautiful
7. Skylark
8. Cherokee
9. No greater love (There is)
10. Imagination