Paris Blues

Jean-Jacques Milteau & Terry Callier

Paris Blues


Interpreten Terry Callier (vocals)
JJ Milteau (harmonica)
Benoît Sourisse (organ)
Benoît Galvin (electric guitar)
Jew Katz (Double Bass)
Keith Carlock (drums)
André Charlier (percussion)

Urheber Terry Callier Benoît Sourisse

Aufnahmedatum 3. Mai 2003 - 8. Mai 2003


Blue 3rd

JJ Milteau, M'Dambi, Terry Callier, Gil Scott-Heron, N'Dambi

Blue 3rd

Label Universal / 980 749 5

Produktionsjahr 2003

1. Blue 3rd
2. The lonely knows
4. Some kind of pressure
5. The turtle walk
6. Home is where the hatred is
8. Daddy's gone
9. Fishing blues
10. Englewood
12. Sunday morning
13. What a wonderful world