One Of Those Things

Lilly Martin

One Of Those Things


Interpreten Lilly Martin (vocals)
Peter Wagner (guitars, programming)
Michael Dolmetsch (keyboards, programming)
Dave Feusi (baritone sax, alto sax)
Till Grünewald (tenor sax)
Stephan "Gesa" Geiser (trumpet)
Rolf Stauffacher (e-bass)
Walter Keiser (drums)
Rhonda Dorsey (background voice)
Freda Goodlett (background voice)

Urheber Michael Dolmetsch Lilly Martin Freda Goodlett

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2003


Soul Of Switzerland


Soul Of Switzerland

Label Sony / 511315 2

Produktionsjahr 2003

1. Home Away From Hom - Soul of Switzerland Stompers
2. I Want My Cake - Rhonda Dorsey
3. The Hump - Avoris
4. Always - Michael Procter
5. How Do They Know - Tiza B.
6. Get That Vibe - Shazz
7. Leaving - Hendrix
10. Home Away From Home - Soul of Switzerland Stompers
11. Take Me Up - Funky Brotherhood
12. This - Anna Dell'Era
13. Convice 'ya = Convince 'ya - Larry Woodley
14. Still Be Loving You - Bush Bertina
15. Best Thing - James Slater
17. Home Away From Home - Soul of Switzerland Stompers