I Don't Worry About A Thing

Mose Allison

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Interpreten Mose Allison (piano, vocals)
Addison Farmer (Double Bass)
Osie Johnson (drums)

Urheber Mose Allison

Aufnahmedatum 15. März 1962


The Whole Nine Yards. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mose Allison, Charles Mingus, Bruce Willis, Up Top Orchestra, Charlie Biddle Trio, Stephanie Biddle

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Label Varèse Sarabande Records / VSD-6114

Produktionsjahr 2000

The Whole Nine Yards. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Film)
1. Jimmy The Tulip   
3. A New Neighbor   
4. Moanin'   
5. Did You Say Divorce?   
6. Tenth Avenue Tango   
7. The Gogolak Mission   
8. Every Time I Hear That Mellow Saxophone   
9. Cynthia With A "C"   
10. Autumn Leaves = Les Feuilles Mortes (Orig.)   
11. Yanni On A String   
12. Frankie Figs   
13. The Gang Arrives In Montreal   
14. A Swingin' Barbecue   
15. Oz Gets A Surprise   
16. Say I Do   
17. I Think We'll Be Fine   
18. Phone Tag   
19. Frantic   
20. Sensuous Lady   
21. Scheming On The Boat   
22. Taking A Stand   
23. Discovering The Evidence   
24. The Games' Afoot   
25. Sophie Cons Jimmy   
26. The Scientific Method   
27. The Tulip Reprise