Petite Fleur

International Chicago-Jazz Orchestra

Petite Fleur


Interpreten International Chicago Jazz Orchestra
- Heinz Bigler (clarinet)
- Johnny Varro (piano)

Urheber Sidney Bechet Heinz Bigler

Aufnahmedatum 10. Juli 2000 - 12. Juli 2000


That's A Plenty

International Chicago Jazz Orchestra

That's A Plenty

Label JHM / JHM 3621

Produktionsjahr 2000

1. That's a plenty
3. When my sugar walks down the street
4. Hindustan
5. Baby, won't you please come home
6. Muskrat ramble
7. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
8. I've Found A New Baby = I found a new baby
9. Save It, Pretty Mama
10. Black Coffee
11. At The Jazz Band Ball
12. Jazz me blues
13. Just another Blues
14. I ain't gonna give nobody none of my Jelly Roll
15. Liza
16. Big butter and egg man