Sweet Slumber

Duke Pearson

Sweet Slumber


Interpreten Duke Pearson (piano)
Ike Quebec (tenor sax)
Israel Crosby (Double Bass)
Vernel Fournier (drums)
Vernell Fournier (Drums)

Urheber Lucky Millinder Al J. Neiburg Henri Woode

Aufnahmedatum 26. Juli 1960


Blue Note Records Presents The Lost Sessions


Blue Note Records Presents The Lost Sessions

Label Blue Note / 521484 2

Produktionsjahr 1999

1. One For Five - Charlie Rouse
2. The Elder Speaks - Tadd Dameron
3. Bevan Beeps - Tadd Dameron
4. Lament For The Living - Tadd Dameron
5. Aloof Spoof - Tadd Dameron
6. For All We Know - Duke Pearson
7. I See Your Face Before Me - Duke Pearson
9. Lady Be Good - Sonny Stitt
10. Blues On Trail - Ike Quebec
11. Cowbell Boogie - Franz Jackson
12. Don't Ever Go There - Herbie Hancock