Sad, Tired And Worried

Jim Liban With The Joel Paterson Trio

Sad, Tired And Worried


Interpreten Jim Liban (vocals, harmonica)
Joel Paterson Trio
- Joel Paterson (guitar)
- Beau Sample (bass)
- Mark Haines (drums)

Urheber Jim Liban Joel Paterson

Aufnahmedatum Oktober 2013


I Say What I Mean

Jim Liban, Joel Paterson Trio

I Say What I Mean

Label Ventrella Records / VEN-5006

Produktionsjahr 2014

1. I Say What I Mean
2. No More Alcohol
3. Must've Been Dreaming
4. Stop On By
5. Tell Me Everything
6. Cottonweed
8. I Am Satisfied
9. Cold Stuff
10. Real Good Deal
11. Quick Draw
12. Thank You For The Dance
13. Right Hand Blues
14. Selfish Man