Enjoy Our Lives

Fabio Cannizzaro

Enjoy Our Lives


Interpreten Contrast Family
- Fabio Cannizzaro (background voice, vocals)
- Randy Muller (electric guitar)
- Walter Keiser (Drums, drums)
- Peter Keiser (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
- Christoph Stiefel (keyboard)
- Jon Otis (percussion)
- Rhonda Dorsey (background voice)
- Sharon Harris (background voice)
- Belinda Capol (background voice)
Randy (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
Johnny Otis (Percussion)

Urheber Fabio Cannizzaro

Aufnahmedatum 1993


Soul Power

Contrast Family, Fabio Cannizzaro

Soul Power

Label EMI Records (Switzerland) / CD 02010

Produktionsjahr 1994

1. Wake Up World
2. I Wanna Make Music
3. Being Together   
4. Keep On Lovin' You = Keep on lovin' you = Keep on lovin' you
5. Why ?   
6. Precious Marble
7. Contrast Family
8. Soul Power
9. The Please-Mann
10. Love Sees No Color
12. In A Crazy Way   
13. Do The Funky Dance
14. Sing A Song