Só danço Samba (Nicola Conte Rework)

Till Brönner

Só danço Samba (Nicola Conte Rework)


Interpreten Till Brönner (vocals, trumpet)
Pietro Lussu (piano)
Nicola Conte (guitar)
Mauro Gargano (Double Bass)
Teppo Mäkinen (drums)

Urheber Antônio Carlos Jobim Vinícius de Moraes

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2008


The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte. Versions In Jazz-Dub

Mark Murphy, Till Brönner, Marco Di Marco, Luisito Quintero, Nicola Conte

The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte. Versions In Jazz-Dub

Label Schema Records / 449

Produktionsjahr 2009

Tracks - CD 1
1. Stolen Moments (Midnight Mood Rework)
2. Elevated States
3. Mood Indigo
4. Yellow Daisies
5. Quiet Nights (Out Of The Cool Version)
6. When I Wish Upon A Star
7. Heaven (West Coast Vibes Remix)
8. All Or Nothing At All
9. New Blues
10. Lotus Sun
11. Flamenco Sketches (New Rumba Version)
12. Charade
13. Castles In The Rain
Tracks - CD 2
2. Terra de ninguem
3. Solo
4. Take Off (Campi's Idea Version)
5. Three Corners (For Friends And Relatives Version)
6. Take Five (Nicola Conte Remix)
7. Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Remix)
8. You Are
9. Our Love
10. Groovy Samba
11. No Reason No Rhyme (Mode For Tatsuo)
12. A Healing Blue (Shape Of Jazz To Come Version)
13. Black Is The Graceful Veil (Acoustic Version)