Mark Flanagan

geboren in Liverpool, North West England, Grossbritannien

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Mark Flanagan (musician)

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Mark Flanagan (born in Liverpool) is a blues guitarist who plays with Jools Holland's band, The Rhythm And Blues Orchestra. He also fronts the trio "Flanagan", which currently includes himself, Kevin Willoughby and George Double.[1] He is also fronting the band The Fields.

He is also a frequent session musician for live television appearances, having worked with Chaka Khan, Paul Weller, Barry White and Eric Clapton, not to mention the late George Harrison.

Flanagan is currently living in Suffolk with his partner. Flanagan is one of three children, him.being the middle one, his sister Pat being the eldest and brother Dominic as the youngest.


As Flanagan he released Like A Fool in 2000 the UK under the United Notions Productions label, with Alajih Malik and Gary Foote.[2] In 2002, as Flanagan again, he released The Chosen Few in the UK, under Swashbuckle Records.[3] On The Chosen Few Flanagan consisted of himself, Willoughby and Foote.[4] Aith The Fields he released Down the Wire in August 2005, The Fields being himself, Jimmy Bergin and Barnes Goulding.[5]


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