Simon Little

geboren am 30.9.1980 in London, England, Grossbritannien

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Simon Little

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Simon Little

Simon Little (born 30 September 1980, London) is an English bassist, most notable for his work with The Divine Comedy.


A graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Little joined The Divine Comedy in 2002 and is still a regular member of the band. He has since toured and recorded with Clare Teal, Duke Special, Maggie Reilly, A Girl Called Eddy and Chris Difford. As a jazz bass player he plays regularly with Ian Shaw, Lea DeLaria, Symeon Cosburn, and Nina Ferro. Little has also played with Nick Cave and Ben Folds.[1]

Little released a solo bass album Mandala in 2010, where he uses live looping to create ambient soundscapes.[2] He released a second solo album called "The Knowledge of Things To Come" in 2011, following the "Rejectamenta EP" which featured five additional tracks from the Knowledge sessions, and an acoustic album "[un]plugged" in 2012.


  • "[un]plugged" (2012)
  • "Oh Pioneer" (2012) Duke Special
  • "The Knowledge of Things To Come" (2011)
  • "Rejectamenta EP" (2011)
  • "Hey Ho" (2011) Clare Teal
  • Mandala (2010)
  • Mother Courage & Her Children (2010) Duke Special
  • Be a Santa (2010) Lea DeLaria
  • Bang Goes the Knighthood (2010) The Divine Comedy
  • Clare Teal Live at Ebenezer Chapel (2009) Clare Teal
  • What A Woman Shouldn't Do (2008) Julie McKee
  • Get Happy (2008) Clare Teal
  • The Last Temptation of Chris (2008) Chris Difford
  • Paradisi Carousel (2007) Clare Teal
  • Victory for the Comic Muse (2006) The Divine Comedy
  • Drawn To All Things (2006) Ian Shaw
  • Rowan (2006) Maggie Reilly
  • South East Side Story (2006) Chris Difford
  • Breakfast with the Blues (2006) Symeon Cosburn
  • Whatever It Takes (2006) Jai Cavill
  • Absent Friends (2004) The Divine Comedy
  • Live at the London Palladium (DVD 2004) The Divine Comedy
  • Vollmilch 2004 - Das war Haldern (2004) with The Divine Comedy
  • Just In Time (2004) Esther Bennett


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