Mark McLean

Mark McLean

geboren am 5.2.1975 in North York, Ontario, Kanada

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Mark McLean

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Mark McLean

Mark McLean ( muh-K L EE N-';[1]) born February 5, 1975 in North York, Ontario is a Canadian musician, drummer, composer, lyricist and studio musician. McLean lives and works primarily in New York. He has released three albums under his own name. The first showcases his arrangements of jazz standards while his later albums are original material (except one song). His very early influence was his father's record collection, which included every genre: from Johann Sebastian Bach to James Brown. McLean is becoming known as the "drum whisperer"[2] in part because he can coax organic sounds out any drum kit. McLean is musically multilingual: jazz, rhythm and blues, funk, pop or any genre required for the song.[3]

McLean's great uncle, Cy McLean was one of the first black band leaders in Canada. His brother Lester McLean[4] is an accomplished saxophonist and vocalist in the Toronto jazz and RnB scene.

McLean began his career at age nine as a gifted classical pianist, but by age 14 had started a second career playing the drums. By the time he was 18, the drums eclipsed the piano as McLeans voice for musical expression and the age of 22 he was playing with fellow Canadian and jazz icon, Oscar Peterson.[5]

McLean graduated with honors from The University of Toronto[6] with a Bachelors of Performance in Jazz. In his third year faculty member Don Thompson invited him to play on the first of the more than 70 recordings on which McLean appears. He was also named Post-secondary Musician of the Year by the Jazz Report Magazine in 1998.[7] That summer McLean taught at Canadas Interprovincial Music Camp (jazz). He was also the jazz director at Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute while taking his undergraduate degree.

McLean's recording and touring highlights include George Michael,[8] Gladys Knight, Joe Sample,[3] Jamie Cullum, Andy Bey, Molly Johnson, Peter Cincotti, Andrea Bocelli, Serena Ryder, Catherine Russell, Jane Bunnett, Billy Joel, Dionne Warwick and Michael Kaeshammer.

McLean has two movie appearances: Drummer in Peter Cincotti band in Spider-Man 2 (uncredited) and Peter Cincotti: Live in New York[9] (credited).

McLean is endorsed by Regal Tip[10] Mallets and Brushes, Zildjian Sticks and Cymbals,[11] Remo drum heads[12] and Yamaha Drums.[13]

New York

McLean moved to New York City in 1999 following receipt of a grant awarded him by the Canada Council for the Arts. Initially, McLean wanted to study with his idol, world renowned drummer, Brian Blade. Although he did not teach, Blade[3] mentored McLean by allowing him to observe his performances. He even helped him shop for a drum kit and as luck would have it, they walked into Drummers World on 46th street in Manhattan and met jazz drummer, archivist and radio personality, Kenny Washington. Blade said to McLean this is who you should study with. McLean studied with Kenny Washington for a year followed by an additional year with drummer Billy Kilson. After that McLean decided to stay for future opportunities in New York. Singer and pianist Andy Bey was the first to call, then Dewey Redman.

Work with other artists

McLean has worked with many of jazz masters and pop icons, including Wynton Marsalis, Michael Feinstein, Billy Joel, Quincy Jones, Gladys Knight, Diana Krall, Glen Campbell, Carla Cook, Linda Eder, Jimmy Webb, Vanessa Williams, Patti Austin, the Backstreet Boys and producer Phil Ramone. He also served as arranger[14] on Molly Johnson's 2009 Juno-award-winning album Lucky, and was co-arranger[15] on Sophie Milman's 2009 release Take Love Easy, while continuing to tour and record as a member of George Michael's band.

Producer Phil Ramone following a recording session with Billy Joel remarked: Mark McLean is a tasty, sure handed drummer, a song mans musician.[11] Andy Bey described McLean as an intelligent, immensely talented young musician with a curious mind and a listening ear.[11]


Year Album Description
2013 Feel Alright All tunes written by Mark McLean, eclectic album featuring 7 vocalists
2010 Playground All compositions written by Mark Mclean (except one)
2008 Dinner Party - Piano Jazz Jazz Standards

Reviews and awards

Year Type Event
2012 Feature Feature: Mark McLean & Lea Mullen Rhythm Magazine, written by Rich Chamberlain
2012 Review Toronto Jazz Festival Globe & Mail - J. D. Considine
2010 Feature Cover: October 2010 Drums Etc Magazine T. Bruce Wittet
2009 Award Juno Award for Jazz Album of the Year Luck - Molly Johnson
2008 Review National Arts Centre, Ottawa All About Jazz - Alayne McGregor
2006 Review Toronto International Dance Festival Live Music Report - Paul J. Youngman
2005 Nomination Grammy, Best Jazz Vocal Album American Song, Andy Bey
2005 Review The Sound of a Really Different Drummer Mark Miller[16]
2003 Award Socan[17] Awards Another Day, Molly Johnson, Mark McLean
2003 Nomination Traditional Jazz Album Juno Awards of 2003

Session work

Year Artist Album
2013 Michael Kaeshammer With You in Mind
2013 Carline Ray Vocal Sides
2012 Dionne Warwick Now: A Celebratory 50th Anniversary Album
2012 Catherine Russell Strictly Romancin'
2011 Molly Johnson The Molly Johnson Songbook
2011 Michael Kaeshammer Kaeshammer
2011 Lester McLean 4-3-2-1
2010 Kelly Jefferson Next Exit
2010 David Goldman Light in the Tunnel
2010 Shannon Butcher Little Hearts
2010 Marian Petrescu Thrivin' - Live at The Jazz Standard
2010 Lester McLean Just a Taste
2010 Andy Creegan Andiwork III
2009 The Count Basie Orchestra Swinging, Swinging, Playing
2009 Michael Kaeshammer Lovelight
2009 Hilary Kole Haunted Heart
2009 Sophie Millman Take Love Easy
2009 Jamie Cullum The Pursuit
2008 Chantal Chamberland The Other Woman
2008 Lamont Jeffreys Christmas Dinner
2008 Funky People Feel The Funk
2008 Shannon Butcher The Words We Both Could Say
2008 Molly Johnson Lucky
2008 Pete Coulman Band TV Tunes
2008 Billy Stritch Billy Stritch Sings Mel Torme
2008 DK Ibomeka I'm Your Man
2007 Andrew Craig The Gospel Christmas Project
2007 Billy Joel All My Life
2007 Autorickshaw So the Journey Goes
2007 Howard Fishman Bob Dylan & The Band's "Basement Tapes", Live at Joe's Pub
2006 Molly Johnson Messin' Around
2006 Serena Ryder If Your Memory Serves You Well
2006 Gladys Knight Before Me
2006 Susan Cagle The Subway Recordings
2005 Lester McLean Trio Best Foot Forward
2005 Kelly Jefferson Quartet Spark
2005 Linda Eder By Myself
2005 Mike Evan I'll Bring the Stereo
2004 Andy Creegan Andiwork II
2004 Andy Bey American Song
2004 Anne Mette Iverson Pá den anden side/On the Other Side
2004 Jane Bunnett Red Dragonfly
2004 Peter Cincotti On The Moon
2004 Various Artists Voices of Concord Jazz
2003 Peter Cincotti My Favorite Time of Year
2003 Syreeta Neal Stand Tall
2002 Howard Fishman Quartet Do What I Want
2002 Jane Bunnett Spirituals and Dedications
2002 Molly Johnson Another Day
2002 The Colour of Soul 100% Concentrate
2002 Wade O. Brown Complete
2001 Kalabash Kalabash
2001 Molly Johnson Molly Johnson
2000 Shannon Brooks A Taste of Life
2000 Tracey Wilkins I Wish I Knew
2000 Wade O. Brown Solid Soul
1999 Benjamin Davill Benjamin Davill's Wild West Show
1999 Janice Freedman Triptych
1999 The Colour of Soul Texatronic
1998 Divine Earth Essence Groove Essentials V.2
1998 Mantini Sisters Moments to Remember
1998 Paul Tobey Wayward
1998 The Colour of Soul Live@525
1997 Andy Creegan Andiwork
1997 Dawn Sierra A Little Rain Must Fall
1997 Don Thompson Banff Jazz All Stars
1997 Tara MacLean If You See Me


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