Gaylord Birch

geboren am 10.5.1946

gestorben am 14.4.1996

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Gaylord Birch

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Gaylord G. Birch (March 10, 1946 – April 14, 1996) was a drummer for the bands Santana, Cold Blood, Pointer Sisters & Herbie Hancock.


Birch was the drummer for the Pointer Sisters during 1974 and performed many live performances with the group.[1] Birch also appeared in the band Santana during 1976 and again in 1991 as well as playing the drums for a number of Herbie Hancock performances. In 1979, he joined Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia in Reconstruction the new outfit Merl & Jerry are putting together with the help of Ed Neumeister (trombone), Ron Stallings (Tenor Sax & Vocals) and John Kahn (Bass). This Band existed Few months during 1979, The only traces remaining are live recordings made in Bay Area's clubs and small venues. Birch also played drums briefly with Cold Blood, and is on the recording "Cold Blood Live at the Record Plant Sausalito".

In 1986 Birch married Mary Irene McCrea. In 1991 they gave birth to a daughter, Irene Audrey, and, in 1994, a son Edward Anderson. Birch died on April 14, 1996, of cancer at age 50.


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