Jack Ledru

geboren 1922

gestorben im März 2013

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Jack Ledru

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Jack Ledru (1922 – March 2013[1]) was a French song and operetta composer.


Jack Ledru studied at the Conservatoire de Paris where he won a prize for piano. He began his artistic career by accompanying great singing stars: Georges Guétary, Lucienne Delyle, Suzy Delair, Charles Trenet.

He wrote instrumental and vocal parts and a ballet, le Baiser, created in Lille in 1967. He conducted the orchestras of radio, television and many theaters (Mogador, Chatelet Theatre in Paris and province).

He began writing operettas in 1954. For Roger Nicolas he composed Mon P'tit Pote which was played more than three years on a row. For the famous entertainer, he would write Bidule (1959) and A toi de jouer (1961). In 1962, he addressed the traditional operetta by offering Rudy Hirigoyen Farandole d’amour. But his two most successful hits were dedicated to the couple Marcel Merkès and Paulette Merval, Michael Strogoff (1964) and Vienne chante et danse (1967).

Most of his career continued essentially in the province: C'est pas l'Pérou (1976), Quadrille Viennois where he mingled tunes by Franz von Suppé and his own compositions, and La peur des coups after Courteline, played in Tours in 1977.

In collaboration with Guy Lafarge, he composed Le Petit Café (Mulhouse, 1980) and La Cagnotte (Lille, 1983), with Paul Bonneau, La Parisienne (Tours, 1982). Finally, he brought together the music of various composers for the operetta Paris Belle Époque.

Main works

  • 1954: Mon p'tit pote
  • 1959: Bidule
  • 1961: A toi de jouer
  • 1962: Farandole d'Amour
  • 1964: Michel Strogoff
  • 1967: Vienne chante et danse
  • 1975: La Baraka
  • 1976: C'est pas l'Pérou
  • 1977: Quadrille viennois
  • 1977: La Peur des coups
  • 1980: Le petit café
  • 1982: La Parisienne
  • 1983: La Cagnotte
  • 1987: Paris Belle Époque


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