Larry Garner

Larry Garner

geboren am 8.7.1952 in Baton Rouge, LA, USA

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Larry Garner

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Larry Garner

Larry Garner (born July 8, 1952, New Orleans, Louisiana)[1] is an American Louisiana blues musician best known for his 1994 album Too Blues.


Garner grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with his first inspiration being the guitar-playing preacher Reverend Utah Smith. Garner made acquaintance with local musicians such as Lonesome Sundown, Silas Hogan, Guitar Kelley and Tabby Thomas.[2] His musical influences include Hogan, Clarence Edwards, Jimi Hendrix, and Henry Gray.[1][3] He was taught to play guitar by his uncle and two other elders. Garner completed military service in Korea and returned to Baton Rouge, working part-time in music and full-time at a Dow Chemical plant.[1]

Garner won the International Blues Challenge in 1988,[3] and his first two albums, Double Dues and Too Blues, were released by the British JSP label. The latter album's title was in reply to a label executive who judged Garner's original demo to be "too blues".[1] Thomas' nightclub, Tabby's Blues Box, provided Garner with a playing base in the 1980s and gave him the subject matter for the strongest song on Double Dues, "No Free Rides".[2]

You Need to Live a Little (1996) was followed by Standing Room Only (1998), Baton Rouge (1999) and 2000's Once Upon the Blues.[1] Baton Rouge''s 1999 track, "Go To Baton Rouge," offered a tourist's guide to Louisiana music spots.[2]

In 2008, Garner was treated for a serious illness that was the inspiration for his 2008 album, Here Today Gone Tomorrow.[3][4]


All eight of Garner's CDs have been released by labels in Europe or Britain:[3]

  • Too Blues (1994) - JSP
  • Double Dues (1995) - JSP
  • You Need to Live a Little (1996) - Polygram
  • Standing Room Only (1998) - Ruf
  • Baton Rouge (1999) - Evidence
  • Once Upon the Blues (2000) - Ruf
  • Embarrassment to the Blues? (2002) - live album - Ruf
  • Here Today Gone Tomorrow (2008) - Dixiefrog
  • Larry Garner, Norman Beaker and Friends - Live at the Tivoli (2010) (recorded at The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne on 8 October 2009)[5]
  • Blues For Sale (2012) - Dixiefrog

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