Flip Wails. The Best of the Verve Years

Flip Phillips Howard McGhee Boptet, Flip Phillips, Flip Phillips Buddy Rich Trio, Ralph Burns Orchestra, Buddy Rich Quartet

Flip Wails. The Best of the Verve Years

Label Verve / 521 645-2

Produktionsjahr 1994

1. Znarg Blues
2. Milano
3. Lover Come Back To Me
4. Don't Take Your Love From Me
5. The Blue Room
6. Flippin' The Blues = Flippin' the Blues
7. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
8. Funky Blues
9. Cheek To Cheek
10. Salute To Pres
11. Singin' In The Rain = Singin' in the rain
12. If I Had You
14. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
15. Three Little Words
16. Singin' The Blues (Till My Daddy Comes Home) = Singin' the Blues
17. The Lady's In Love With You
18. I'll Never Be The Same
20. Topsy