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For Toddlers Only

Russell Malone

For Toddlers Only


Interpreti Russell Malone (electric guitar)
Kenny Barron (piano)
Ron Carter (Double Bass)
Lewis Nash (drums)

Compositori Ron Carter

Data di registrazione 17. febbraio 1998 - 19. febbraio 1998


Sweet Georgia Peach

Russell Malone, Kenny Barron

Sweet Georgia Peach

Casa discografica Impulse / IMP 12822

Anno di produzione 1998

1. Mugshot
2. To Benny Golson
3. 1. Strange little smile 2. With you I'm born again
4. Sweet Georgia Peach
5. Rise
6. Mean what you say
7. Song for Darius
8. Bright Mississippi
9. Someone's rocking my dreamboat
11. Swing low, sweet chariot
12. Yesterdays