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Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams)

Harry Connick Jr.

Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams)


Interpreti Harry Jr. Connick (vocals)
Neal Caine (Double Bass)
Arthur Latin (drums)
Charles "Ned" Goold (alto sax)
James Greene (alto sax)
Jerry Weldon (tenor sax)
Mike Karn (tenor sax)
David "Dave" Schumacher (baritone sax)

Compositori George Motola Jesse Belvin John Marascalco

Data di registrazione 13. maggio 2003 - 22. maggio 2003


Only You

Harry Jr. Connick

Only You

Casa discografica Columbia / COL 515046 2

Anno di produzione 2004

1. More
2. The Very Thought of You
5. You Don't Know Me
6. All These Things
8. Only You
9. My Prayer
10. Other Hours
11. I Only Have Eyes for You