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I Wake Up Screaming Dreaming Of You

Nat King Cole Trio

I Wake Up Screaming Dreaming Of You


Interpreti Nat King Cole Trio
- Nat King Cole (piano, vocals)
- Irving Ashby (guitar)
- Joe Comfort (drums)
Jack Costanzo (bongos)

Compositori Nat King Cole Don George

Data di registrazione 30. marzo 1949

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Go Bongo!

Nat King Cole Trio, Jack Costanzo, Nat King Cole

Go Bongo!

Casa discografica Blue Moon / BMCD 3021

Anno di produzione 1995

1. Bop-kick
2. Laugh ! Cool Clown
6. Peaches
7. Last But Not Least
10. Top Hat Bop
11. Go Bongo
12. Rhumba Blues
15. Calypso Blues
16. All Aboard
17. Ooh Kickeroonie
18. Deed I Do
20. Rose Room
21. Down By The Old Mill Stream
22. Somebody Loves Me