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Taps Miller

The Swing Gates

Taps Miller


Interpreti Swing Gates
- Hannes Abegg (trumpet)
- Hermann Hauenstein (tenor sax)
- George Scheibel (piano)
- Robert Weideli (guitar)
- Willy Oechslin (bass)
- Hugo Würsch (drums)

Compositori Count Basie Bob Russell

Data di registrazione 12. dicembre 1976
19. dicembre 1976


The Swing Gates; One For The Count

Swing Gates

The Swing Gates; One For The Count

Casa discografica Eigenvertrieb / 410.526 161147 TSG

Anno di produzione 1994

1. Rockaway
2. Blue And Sentimental
3. Count's Place
4. Tedy The Toad
5. Lady Be Good
6. Squeeze Me
8. Splanky
9. One For The Count