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Boogie For Vibes

Engelbert Wrobel's Swing Society

Boogie For Vibes


Interpreti Engelbert Wrobel's Swing Society
- Engelbert Wrobel (clarinet)
- Rolf Marx (guitar)
- Christian Hopkins (piano)
- Ingmar Heller (double bass)
- Oliver Mewes (drums)
Hazy Osterwald (vibes)

Compositori Hazy Osterwald

Data di registrazione ca 1998

In Onda

Andato in onda il 13.02.2018 21:49

Andrà di nuovo in onda 27.02.2018 ca. 07:15



Engelbert Wrobel's Swing Society, Hazy Osterwald


Casa discografica Click Records / EW 1998

Anno di produzione 1998

1. Rockin' In Rhythm
2. Choo-Choo-Boogie
3. Together
4. Swissair
5. A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
6. Pitter Panther Patter
7. Rosetta
8. Moonglow
9. Just One Of Those Things
11. I Know That You Know
13. Laugh! Clown! Laugh!
15. That Old Feeling