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Hodge Podge

Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis

Hodge Podge


Interpreti Johnny Hodges (saxophone)
Wild Bill Davis (organ)
Sam Jones (Double Bass)
Les Spann (guitar, flute)
Louis Hayes (drums)

Compositori Johnny Hodges Duke Ellington

Data di registrazione 23. agosto 1961
24. agosto 1961


Blue Hodge

Johnny Hodges

Blue Hodge

Casa discografica Verve / 839 288-2

Anno di produzione 1989

1. Blue hodge
4. Jones
5. I cried for you
6. A & R blues = A&R blues
7. Wings and things
8. Peg o'my heart
9. Spotted dog
10. Blues for Madeleine
11. Rabbitt out of the hat
12. Hash brown
13. Harmony in Harlem
14. Blues o'mighty