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You Won't Let Me Go

Charles Brown

You Won't Let Me Go


Interpreti Charles Brown (piano, vocals)
Danny Caron (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
Ruth Davies (double bass)
Gaylord Birch (Drums, drums)
Clifford Solomon (tenor sax)

Compositori Buddy Johnson Bud Allen

Data di registrazione 18. novembre 1994 - 20. novembre 1994

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Honey dripper

Charles Brown, Etta Jones, Irene Reid

Honey dripper

Casa discografica Verve / 529 848-2

Anno di produzione 1996

1. News all over town   
2. I cried last night   
4. There Is No Greater Love   
6. Gee   
7. The very thought of you   
9. Honey Dripper   
10. They all say I'm the biggest fool   
11. At your beck and call   
13. Take My Hand, Precious Lord   
14. Charles Brown's thank you