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Stitt's Tune (Blues Walk)

Paul Kuhn And The Best

Stitt's Tune (Blues Walk)


Interpreti Paul Kuhn & The Best
- Paul Kuhn (piano)
- Benny Bailey (trumpet)
- Dusko Goykovich (trumpet)
- Gustl Mayer (saxophone)
- Peter Weniger (saxophone)
- Jiggs Whigham (Trombone)
- Paul G. Ulrich (Double Bass)
- Willy Ketzer (Drums, drums)

Compositori Sonny Stitt Paul Kuhn

Data di registrazione 28. ottobre 2002
29. ottobre 2002


Young At Heart

Paul Kuhn & The Best

Young At Heart

Casa discografica In+Out Records / IOR CD 77046-2

Anno di produzione 2003

1. Florida flirt   
2. Swedish Pastry   
4. It had to be you   
5. Wave   
6. There Is No Greater Love = No greater love
7. My funny Valentine   
8. The best is yet to come   
10. Why Try To Change Me Now ?   
11. London by night   
12. Angel eyes   
14. Well, You Needn't