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Calmight Place

Lena Potenza & Donat Eberli

Calmight Place


Interpreti Donat Eberli (guitar)
Lena Potenza (vocals)
Marc Schweiger (bass)
Stephan Koloszar (hammond)
Benno Blattmann (drums)

Compositori Donat Eberli Hermann Reuther Lena Potenza

Data di registrazione 1998


Conversation With Myself

Donat Eberli

Conversation With Myself

Casa discografica Gerry Records / 00111168

Anno di produzione 1998

1. The traveller
2. Face of the moon
3. You don't understand me
4. Talk about nothing
6. Face of the moon (akustische Version)
7. Make friends with the devil
8. Abschied
9. Mr. Wretched
10. Black sauce
11. Goodnight