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He Belongs To Me

Three Hours Past Midnight feat. Sugar Ray Norcia

He Belongs To Me


Interpreti Three Hours Past Midnight
- Juliana Tarris (vocals)
- Laurent Gilliéron (guitar)
- Antoine Superflej Jr. (e-bass)
- Baptiste Paracchini (drums)
Sugar Ray Norcia (harmonica)

Compositori Al Benson Magic Sam

Data di registrazione 20. maggio 2017 - 21. maggio 2017
31. maggio 2017


You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go

Three Hours Past Midnight, Atomic Horns, Sugar Ray Norcia

You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go

Casa discografica Blues Power / BP 01

Anno di produzione 2017

1. Grab This Thing
2. Don't Know You
3. I Begin To Wonder
4. You Were Wrong
6. Love Attack
7. Diamonds And Pearls
8. Waiting For The Tide To Turn
9. You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go
10. Blues In My Heart
12. Loan A Helping Hand
13. Blues After Hours
14. What Have I Done Wrong