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Dat Dere

Rickie Lee Jones & Joe Henderson

Dat Dere


Interpreti Rickie Lee Jones (vocals)
Robben Ford (acoustic guitar)
John Leftwich (Double Bass)
Joe Henderson (saxophone)
Walfredo Reyes (drums, bongos)
David Was (background voice)

Compositori Bobby Timmons Oscar Brown

Data di registrazione ca 1991


Pop Pop

Rickie Lee Jones

Pop Pop

Casa discografica Geffen Records /Interscope / GED 24426

Anno di produzione 1991

1. My one and only love
Tommy Wolf
(dall:) (da:) The Nervous Set. Musical
2. Spring can really hang you up the most
Lili (1953) (Film)
3. Hi-Lili hi-lo
4. Up from the skies
5. Second time around
7. I'll be seeing you
8. Bye bye blackbird
Tommy Wolf
(dall:) (da:) The Nervous Set. Musical
9. The ballad of the sad young men
Carolyn Leigh
(dall:) (da:) Peter Pan. Musical
10. I won't grow up
11. Love junkyard
12. Comin' back to me