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Smack Dab In The Middle

Travelogue feat. Coco Rouzier

Smack Dab In The Middle


Interpreti Coco Rouzier (vocals)
- Jürg Wickihalder (tenor sax)
- Werner Tian Fischer (guitar)
- Roberto Domeniconi (piano, hammond)
- Fredi Meli (Double Bass)
- Gabriel Schiltknecht (percussion, drums)

Compositori Coco Rouzier Werner Tian Fischer Travelogue

Data di registrazione 6. ottobre 2015 - 7. ottobre 2015


The Light Is On

Travelogue, Coco Rouzier

The Light Is On

Casa discografica PBR Jazz / PBR J300

Anno di produzione 2016

2. Baltimore
3. Wait On Love
4. A Gentle Breeze From Chinese Soul   
5. Transcendental Suite: Part i - Everything Must Change
6. Transcendental Suite: Part ii   
7. Transcendental Suite: Part ïii - Step By Step
8. Kepler 452-b   
9. Rescue Me
10. Wrong Song
11. A Summer's Tale: Part i - Summertime   
12. A Summer's Tale: Part ii - Summer Ends
14. Bringing It All Back Home