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Good Morning Heartache

Bettina Pohle & Ralf Ruh Trio

Good Morning Heartache


Interpreti Bettina Pohle (vocals)
Ralf Ruh Trio
- Ralf Ruh (piano)
- Lars Gühlcke (Double Bass)
- Peter Horisberger (drums)

Compositori Ervin Drake Dan Fisher Irene Higginbotham

Data di registrazione ottobre 2013


Sophisticated Lady

Bettina Pohle, Ralf Ruh Trio

Sophisticated Lady

Casa discografica Octason Records / OSR 21401

Anno di produzione 2014

1. What Is This Thing Called Love   
3. Let's Go Out And Have Some Fun   
4. My One And Only Love   
5. I'M Old-Fashioned   
7. Sophisticated Lady   
8. Just One Of Those Things   
9. Things Ain't What They Used To Be   
10. My Heart Goes With You   
11. Nothin' Ever Stays The Same   
13. Stormy Weather   
14. It's De-Lovely