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Two For The Blues

Natalie Cole & Janis Siegel

Two For The Blues


Interpreti Natalie Cole (vocals)

Compositori Neal Hefti Jon Hendricks George Duke

Data di registrazione 1996

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Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole


Casa discografica Elektra / 7559-61990-2

Anno di produzione 1996

Wake up and live. Film (extrait) (Film)
1. There's a lull in my life
3. Let's face the music and dance
4. Teach me tonight
5. When I fall in love
7. Love letters
8. He was too good to me
9. Dindi
11. If love ain't there
12. To whom it may concern
13. Where can I go without you
14. Ahmad's blues
15. Pick yourself up
16. If you could see me now
17. Like a lover
18. This morning it was summer