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Room With A View

Lou Rawls

Room With A View


Interpreti Lou Rawls (vocals)
Richard Tee (piano, organ, e-piano)
Cornell Dupree (guitar)
Tinker Barfield (bass, Elektrischer Bass)
Chris Parker (Drums, drums)
Bobby Watson (alto sax)
David "Fathead" Newman (tenor sax)
Howard Johnson (bass sax)
Jack Walrath (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Steve Turre (trombone)
David Fathead Newman (tenor sax)
Howard Johnson (Bass-Saxophon)

Compositori Lowell Fulson Billy Vera

Data di registrazione gennaio 1989 - marzo 1989

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At Last

Lou Rawls, Dianne Reeves

At Last

Casa discografica Blue Note / CDP 7 91937 2

Anno di produzione 1989

Orchestra wives. Film (extrait); Rain Man. Film (extrait) (Film)
6. If I Were A Magician   
7. You Can't Go Home   
9. After The Lights Go Down Low   
11. Oh, What A Nite = Oh, what a nite