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I Don't Worry About A Thing

Jeff Golub & Marc Cohn

I Don't Worry About A Thing


Interpreti Jeff Golub (guitar)
Marc Cohn (vocals)
Kenny White (piano)
Tony Garnier (bass)
Shawn Pelton (percussion, drums)

Compositori Mose Allison

Data di registrazione ca 2009

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Andato in onda il 13.09.2018 19:51


Blues For You

Jeff Golub, Marc Cohn

Blues For You

Casa discografica E1 Music / KOC-CD-4540

Anno di produzione 2009

2. Rooster Blues
4. Everybody Wants You
5. The Blink Of An Eye
7. Nikki's Walk
8. Lost Mind
11. I'll Play The Blues For You