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Just You, Just Me

Joshua Redman & The Ray Brown Trio

Just You, Just Me


Interpreti Joshua Redman (tenor sax)
Ray Brown Trio
- Ray Brown (double bass)
- Benny Green (piano)
- Gregory Hutchinson (Drums, drums)
Benny Green (piano)

Compositori Jesse Greer Raymond Klages

Data di registrazione 20. novembre 1995 - 22. novembre 1995
20. novembre 1995 - 13. febbraio 1996

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Some Of My Best Friends Are...The Sax Players

Joe Lovano, Ray Brown Trio, Benny Carter, Joshua Redman, Ralph Moore, Stanley Turrentine, Jesse Davis

Some Of My Best Friends Are...The Sax Players

Casa discografica Telarc / CD-83388

Anno di produzione 1996

4. Crazeology
6. Moose the Mooche
7. Easy Living
9. Fly Me To The Moon
10. When It's Sleepy Time Down South
13. In Conversation with Joe Lovano
14. In Conversation with Benny Carter
15. In Conversation with Stanley Turrentine
16. In Conversation with Jesse Davis
17. In Conversation with Joshua Redman
18. In Conversation with Ralph Moore